Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Colour of Munnar

Our afternoon in the Munnar area was spent mainly on the forested slopes below Dashuden; sub-tropical jungle, mature forest and cardamom plantations containing an excellent variety of species.

 female Blue-capped Rock Thrush - a species which breeds in the foothills of the Himalayas and migrates south-west to winter in the forests of the Western Ghats

Highlights here included Nilgiri Woodpigeons, a Black-and-orange Flycatcher, more Kerala Laughingthrushes and Nilgiri Flycatchers, several roseatus Scarlet Rosefinches, Indian Tits, Black-hooded, Black-naped and Indian Golden Orioles, Indian Blackbirds, Oriental White-eyes, Brown-cheeked Fulvettas, Square-tailed Bulbuls, Long-tailed Shrikes and a female Blue-capped Rock Thrush amongst many others......

the endemic and very smart Indian Tit 

A wonderful day in this globally unique, bird-rich area of the upper Western Ghats, and really a bonus thanks to the genorosity of Sudeesh (who we highly recommend - see here for details). After making the most of all available daylight, we hit the road again after dark and headed back to Thattekad for a final couple of days.

A glittering prize after much patient searching - the endemic and skulking Black-and-orange Flycatcher