Monday, July 16, 2012

Purple Sands and Golden Seals

Purple Sandpiper 

A gentle stroll out onto the Brigg this evening after high tide - with the sea like a millpond, the wildflowers especially pungent and the temperatures distinctly summery - primarily in search of waders, which have just begun returning from the northern tundra, resplendent in breeding plumage for a short while.

Happily, well worth it - a subtly stunning Purple Sandpiper pottered about in rock pools below the main ledge and a flock of Dunlins allowed ultra-close approach, with a Ringed Plover, the requisite Oystercatchers and a few Whimbrels and Curlews making up the numbers.

And the seals are, well, almost strokable (if you want to lose a hand in a split second, that is).