Monday, April 1, 2013

He Has Risen

I've probably never enjoyed one of these as much.

The relentless, bone-chilling north-easterlies continue, the migration deflector shield remains at maximum power, and the birds have wisely thought better of it, more than likely burrowing deep underground and entering into another seasonal hibernation (as they do, right?).

Grey Partridges in the Rocket Pole Field

But today was my first day out of the house - and out of the sickbed - in a week, and despite paying for it now, it was worth rolling away the stone. Previous to this (unforgettably lousy) week, we were in London for over a fortnight, during which time I managed exactly one birding session (still, nailed a beautiful, fresh-in male Wheatear and went to rehearsals a happy man) between work and music-making, and - discounting the wonderfully numerous Kites banking over the van on our tour out west - that's been my lot since, christ, early March.....

Which is the longest I've been without birding in many, many years; which in turn is a timely reminder of how evidently lucky I've been for many years. So today's melodramatic hobble out into the field, despite providing little in the way of news, was wonderful. And it's the first anniversary of our officially becoming Filonians, so I had to do it somehow, anyhow.....