Thursday, May 30, 2013

Filey, 23rd - 30th May 2013

Common Swift

A trying period to say the least; better to accentuate the positives. One of which was a cracking adult Long-tailed Skua, whipping eastbound just above our street's chimney pots on the stormy evening of the 23rd, just as we'd begun the two-minute walk to our local around the corner. A heart-stopping sight and a very lucky strike; the irony of my best find of the period coming while not even actively birding was far from lost over the following days.

Red-backed Shrike

From there on, every day in the field, rain or shine (or sea fret, or gales), usually for most of the available daylight. Personally, it's been a very poor spring, but that's the way it goes - last spring was excellent, and it all balances out in the end....

Spotted Flycatcher

Kestrel over the beach

A very confused, late Fieldfare

That dot in the middle, way out over the water....

..... was a Montagu's Harrier

Occasionally the sun shone, and the Brigg afforded close fly-bys of e.g. Gannets...

..... and Razorbills, including one in fancy dress (as a Tufted Duck)

Purp Sands still kicking back on the Brigg

Ringed Plovers, likewise