Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Egreta Garbo

"I want to be alone"

What's white, stupid, and spreading like a plague in the English countryside? No, not UKIP, but a bird that has somehow conspired to avoid Filey's terra firma and airspace - or the attentions of those within it, at least - for an inexplicably long time. Until yesterday that is, when this smart Great White Egret appeared at the Dams, as if it were no big deal at all.

Perched atop the cliff overlooking the bay, I got the call (thanks Jack) and shaved a good few seconds off the five-minute cycle ride there, arriving in time to see a slightly scruffy-looking drake Garganey swim past it (two new additions to the personal Dams list, fact fans); looking settled, it apparently shunned our welcoming arms an hour or so later, and spirited away.... the benefits of living, birding and working in the same place continue to hit home.

Posing conveniently with an otherwise-ignored Grey Heron and a couple of Sand Martins