Monday, October 21, 2013

Pallas's on the patch

A bit of class to round off a memorable week for Siberian warblers here in Filey. After filling my boots with eastern gems of late it would be churlish to complain about anything, but I must admit to a stifled but growing yearning for one of these incomparably beautiful waifs, or the seven-striped sprite as Mr Wallace would have it, over recent days.

Hours spent sifting through sycamore canopies with sneaky / desperate bursts of mp3 have drawn a total blank, however, and so a call from Nick (justifiably excited, which I think I might be if I'd got a Pallas's and a Yellow-brow alongside each other in my garden) was very welcome indeed. A well deserved harbinger of fine things to come for Nick and Sandy at the Gap - we're looking forward to having them around full-time, strengthening the local team further and widening our choice of local drinking partners....