Monday, January 13, 2014

Far from a grey day

A lovely sunny day here on the North Yorkshire coast, and so a good few hours enjoying the beach, bay, Brigg and farmland. Lots to enjoy (as ever), including a single Lapland Bunting with the Skylarks and Snow Buntings in the top fields, Peregrines co-hunting with effortless grace, and plenty more besides - but the most photogenic of them all was this beautiful Grey Wagtail.

Not a common species locally and a feature of autumn and winter only, this bird is likely one of only a couple in the wider area (and possibly even the only one, if it ranges up the bay from Primrose Valley) and fed avidly on the huge mounds of seaweed washed up in the bay corner by the recent spring tides. I was hoping for Water (or even Buff-bellied) Pipit, but it's hard to complain....