Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What happens on tour....

Two days into a three-day Yorkshire Coast Nature birding tour, which I'm co-leading with Rich for a group of lovely guests based at Cober Hill in North Yorks. Plenty of highlights so far, several of which came on an impromptu boat trip out of Bridlington this morning, to visit the breeding seabirds of Flamborough Head up close.

One of the benefits of being a well-connected local wildlife tour company is the opportunities it presents to improvise, and when the group expressed a desire to get amongst the seabirds at sea level, a quick call to our man with a boat and we had it sorted. What a pleasure it was to share in our guest's first impressions of the sights, sounds and smells of the colony - like I could ever tire of it anyway.

An unexpected bonus came as we approached the harbour on the way back, when no fewer than five Little Terns whisked past the boat and gunned south. A local rarity and very hard to hard to catch up with in these parts, clocking five together is exceptional.