Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The best eight quid you'll spend this year

After no small amount of toil over recent momths, the all-new lip-smackin' Filey Bird Report has successfully fledged, and I'm happy to report all the effort has been more than worthwhile.

We've completely overhauled it inside and out, changed the format, size, layout and pretty much everything else, made it more accessible (aesthetically and otherwise), significantly upped the bar re: quality of content, expanded and revised various sections (including the annual review and other taxa), stuffed the gallery full of top-quality colour photos, and kept the price down to a cheap-at-twice-the-price eight quid.

Despite the fact that we have no paid staff, no corporate funding or financial backers, no premises etc, as a small but vibrant Obs we were determined to create something a bit special, that at least matches (and arguably surpasses) the best of its counterparts, and thanks to a dedicated and inspired team, I reckon we've succeeded.

Hard to believe that just a a couple of years ago (before my time) there was mounting pressure to ditch the annual report altogether - it'd be terribly smug to revel in how much has changed since then, wouldn't it?

All proceeds go directly towards our voluntary conservation work here in the Filey area (including the management and improvement of our reserves for birds and wildlife), and in case you missed it, it's yours for eight quid (plus p+p). Click here and enjoy.