Friday, October 3, 2014

Staithes pelagic, 2nd Oct 2014

Juvenile Gannet
A very pleasant afternoon on a YCN pelagic with some of the team for the last sailing of the year. Unfortunately somewhat beaten by the choppy sea conditions and therefore cetacean-free (but for Harbour Porps), but a few nice highlights and a typically good craic nonetheless.

The pick of the day was unarguably a Short-eared Owl, which appeared high and to the east, unfortunately with a mob of angry gulls on its case - just what you need as you're finally in sight of dry land after a long flight from Scandinavia into a brisk headwind. Gulls are, of course, fascinating, intelligent, challenging and often beautiful; they're also often absolute bastards too, and we took it upon ourselves to play god by chumming slowly in the opposite direction, and thus (successfully) distracting the mob while the owl made its escape.

"Thanks guys - laters"
Arctic Skua
Juvenile Gannet
Puffin, still with bill sheath