Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Flamborough, late November 2014

Male Stonechat, Thornwick
Despite best intentions, visiting my folks there and the description on the right of this page, I can count the times I've actively birded at Flamborough in recent months on one hand. But, over the last week or so (and the coming few days) I've cause to be there for a longer period, which happily includes local wanderings when possible.

Large flocks of Woodpigeons on the move
A couple of such wanderings this week have made for pleasant birding, with a distant Rough-leg - the long-staying Grindale bird getting itchy feet (as you would expect from a species with such a name, heh heh) - the most notable, but lots of other bits and pieces to enjoy, as there always is in these parts.

Goosanders overhead
Spot the well-camouflaged Turnstones

lovely evening light on South Landing beach....

... and many tame Rock Pipits for company

Sundown (taken with phone)