Monday, May 16, 2016

Famous Five

As of yesterday, our American friend unwittingly passed yet another improbable anniversary, having been in situ for no less than five months - an amazingly long stint by any standards, and an almost unthinkable possibility when he arrived back on 15th December last year. It's reaching the point where (as a first-calendar-year on arrival) he's spent as much of his life in Filey Bay as he has in his native Nearctic.

Recent weeks have seen him getting a little more jumpy, making sojourns to the north side of Brigg and even Flamborough for a few days, and with increasing disturbance in his favoured area from fishing and pleasure boats, it may not be long before he finally bids us adios; probably not before getting personal with various other bay dwellers, however, another illustration of which can be found below - in which he gave male Eiders plenty of aggro and females unrequited affection.

(Thanks to my talented wife Amity for the above....)