Monday, June 6, 2016

Diamonds and Perlmans

I'm not the greatest fan of bank holiday weekends - I'm an east coast birder in a seaside town, after all - but when spent in the company of the six-strong Perlman clan, it's a different bag of chips.

Local trips to Bempton Cliffs, the North Yorkshire forests, fossil-hunting on the beach and lots of fun elsewhere made for a blast of a weekend in great company (even Bamba the dog is friendly and chilled).

And there's a nerdily special thrill in getting to show a birding friend the local patch for the first time - a bit like letting your mate from school have a go on your prized, hand-made train set that took you years to build - and this being early summer on the east coast, in appropriately October-like conditions (I hired the smoke machine especially, just for the full effect).

My Mrs on Libby duty (note traces of Bamba)

Picnicking at Bempton - she saved me a crust

Uri digiscoping Puffins...

"And this is where I found ...." Yeah, fascinating....zzzzzz"