Saturday, January 14, 2017


After yesterday's festival of meteorological mayhem and white-winged gulls, today's forecast promised sub-zero temperatures, wind-speeds dropping to moderate and sunny intervals, and with the promise of displaced wanderers tracking back north (or just hanging around), the Brigg beckoned. Long story short, five hours spent out there (mostly on a mesmeringly beautiful, surf- and roller-battered Brigg end) were five hours wonderfully well spent, and a walk out onto Carr Naze for sunset with the Mrs was a perfect was to round off the day.

To say the wave action was dramatic would be a huge understatement, a bit like saying that the various Glaucous Gulls I've seen here today were quite pleasant... it was one of those losing track of time days, where you just lap up the circumstances and thank your gods. A minimum of four Glaucs this morning - an adult, a 3cy, and two 2cy's - plus two 2cy's this evening (at least one of which was 'new') - gives me a minimum of five for the day (three pictured); several of yesterday's birds were also identifiably different, and thus I've been lucky enough to bump into at least eight over the last 48 hours. Remarkable, especially considering I've not seen more than two or three in a year here before, despite a lot of efforts at the right times....