Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Beauty in the Beast #3 - Filey Otters!

So it's not just birds that are more evident here in the extreme conditions. Thanks to the carpet of snow covering pretty much all habitat types at the Dams, mammal tracks have been much easier to find - including the trails of not one but two Otters....

They're a rare, less-than-annual visitor to the Dams and East Lea area (and generally only recorded via the odd spraint), and this activity is especially interesting as it's the first time we've found evidence of two animals visiting us.

Not only that, but it's been a sustained period of activity: I first noticed the spraint on the boardwalk back on the 4th of February (when Amity, Paul, Georgia and I were shaking off the Spurn/Scarborough Birders drinks of the night before) - in fact, much to Amity's amusement, some of it ended up in my beard as I mis-directed a small scoop on the end of a twig towards my nose. Tasty.

(Thanks to Dan for the above spraint pic)