Sunday, March 29, 2020

Birding for The Clampdown #5 - Small Mercies

So how is everyone? Supporting each other and ready for the long haul? It can be hard to find the positives, but as I'm sure we're all finding out, there are plenty. Connecting with friends and family as much as possible (more than ever in many cases) has been a real pleasure this week, as has the increasingly valauble contact with nature through daily local sessions.

The Common Toad (top photo) was one of many I've seen on my southern circuit, which includes a couple of ponds (ornamental and semi-natural), also hosting many Common Frogs, Smooth Newts and Great Crested Newts; on yesterday's walk, I saw more amphibians than humans.

Goldcrests (above) are evident in many spots locally at the minute, with migrants filtering through and birds setting up breeding territories. They're always a joy, even more so when delivering their tinkling, silvery song.