Saturday, June 11, 2011

a commercial break from Chicago, IL

So we're resting up in Chicago after arriving in the mid-West yesterday, after a 23 hour trip through various states and an evening of cheap drinks in lovely hostelries into the early hours to recover from. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology I'm able to flagrantly advertise the release of my band Morning Bride's new single, despite my presently occupying a galaxy far, far away.

Out this week on Imprint Records via iTunes, Death Rattle can be previewed in full, and for free, here.

Hope you enjoy it, and if you do, consider forking out the 79 English pence required to own it for yourself, right here.

The blurb: "Morning Bride return with the long-awaited studio recording of live classic Death Rattle - a bittersweet, darkly anthemic story of endings and beginnings, where lead singer Amity Joy Dunn lets loose with a fragility and rawness previously unheard outside of live shows.

'Death Rattle' is an early-hours, tear-stained waltz soundtracked by the duelling of Pete Bennett's slide guitars and Christine Lehmann's violin; and with co-singer Mark James Pearson, the pair duet over the kind of climax rarely heard since 'Loaded'-era Velvet Underground.

After releasing their debut album Lea Valley Delta Blues to widespread critical acclaim throughout the national press, Morning Bride have found a more intimate, lush sound for their long-awaited follow-up 'The North Sea'. Watch this space for release details.

"Astonishing.....Every once in a while you stumble upon a band and wonder how it is that not more people know about them, but you're secretly pleased they don't. Morning Bride are that kind of band." THE INDEPENDENT

A brilliant roots rock band with solid gold tunes.... every song is a triumph......the best thing to come out of Hackney since the White Stripes recorded 'Elephant' there" THE WORD