Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Arctic Warblers, Bangkok

The other migrant Phyllosc using the park during my three mornings there, Arctic Warblers were present in small numbers on each visit. Often initially located on call, their clumsier feeding style and lack of bright plumage tones immediately set them apart from Eastern Crowned Warblers, although both species sometimes fed in the same loose parties.

While noticeably different from e.g. Eastern Crowned in a variety of ways, the Arctic Warblers in the park were an education, and there was much individual variation; for example, the bird in photo 1 shows a distinct (if diffuse) yellowish wash to the undertail coverts, a feature almost exclusively associated with ECW, and differences in e.g. bill colour and pattern and overall plumage tone were also evident on some. More photos of the more variable individuals to follow when time allows.