Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yellow-rumped Flycatchers, Bangkok

Of the two flycatchers present in the park over the three days, Asian Browns (see previous posts) were not only by far the commonest, but also much easier to find; the latter species tend to use relatively exposed perches from where frequent, out-in-the-open sallies can be as obvious as those characteristic of e.g. Spotted Flycatcher in Europe.

Despite the poster-boy, heart-jolting plumage of the male however, Yellow-rumped Flycatchers are an altogether different proposition. The bird pictured above and below was the only male I saw, the rest being female/immature types and significantly harder to find.

Much more secretive, Yellow-rumped Flycatchers can remain perfectly still within foliage for lengthy periods, and their fly-catching sallies can be discreet affairs conducted beneath the shadow of thick canopy.