Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Slavonian Grebe

Not an easy bird to catch up with in any circumstances (let alone on a small freshwater lake by a housing estate), this very lovely Slavonian Grebe was a welcome surprise locally, attracting a fair few admirers to the Dams. Having turned up while I was in Flamborough yesterday, it seemed unlikely to stick around and I was resigned to missing it; but as it turned out, it was good enough to stay, and in the wintry gloom of early morning, was soon acting like it owned the place.

This included provoking minor scrapes with both Moorhen and Mallard, both of which it won (see below), in between bouts of fishing and (especially) snoozing. Some would say that's life in a nutshell around these parts, but that's another story; with the Long-tailed Duck last month (and what a beauty that was), it's good to see the Dams getting its mojo back recently, and bodes well for the spring....