Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Shag Who Spied Me

With apologies for a lack of local updates of late; excuses include crappy weather, no birds, and a week-long cold, which conversely helped focus attentions elsewhere - i.e., towards writing sections for the Yorkshire Bird Report, embellishing and updating my wordpress site, making progress on completing the online avifauna for my beloved ex-patch, and even a little gainful employment nailed from under the blanket (gods bless The Wildlife Trusts.) Pretty much the only time I've left the house was to play a few songs at the local folk club a couple of evenings back, including this one, and a snotty version of Any Way That You Want Me (for the late Mr R. Presley). But there were still a few ignored images lurking on the memory card from last week.....

.... including these Shags, caught in the act (so to speak) off the Brigg; while the conditions weren't great, it was interesting watching and capturing their diving technique - a clear leap and then head-first into the deep.

Unlike this Cormorant nearby, which in contrast lacked any noticeable leap, instead sliding gracefully under the water.

I confess I've seen enough Cormorants to last me many lifetimes (that's what London reservoirs do to you) and even a mention of the word provokes a shudder (after collating and writing the aforementioned YBR sections), but this bird was fascinating to watch hunting at very close quarters in the bay. Other bits and pieces included one of a handful of Red-throated Divers out in the bay.....

and a Snow Bunting on the cliff-top. Unbeatable, really.