Champions of the Flyway!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Savour The Whale

Or, rather, whales, once again.... another unforgettable day here at Filey, the third in a row that's involved being in the company of multiple Minke Whales just beyond our particularly beautiful stretch of the North Yorkshire coast.

Events over these last few days have been remarkable, and it's hard to believe we're actually getting used to having whales knocking about right on our doorstep. A more detailed summary of our cetacean stars to follow soon, but for now, a few shots of a particularly accommodating individual from this afternoon.

Having disappeared underwater for a good while, the whale approached the feeding frenzy from below, and suddenly created a giant air pocket, disturbing the seabirds.....

....surfacing away from the air pocket (note the Gannets above right, only just avoiding becoming collateral)...

...... and taking them (and presumably its prey) entirely by surprise

More direct tactics were used at a slightly more distant feeding flock a few moments later....

......the straightforward lunge proving just as effective