Monday, August 12, 2013

An evening Cory's

Just back home after an excellent seawatch from the Brigg hide, punctuated by dramatic thunderstorms, huge double rainbows and stunningly beautiful light over the North Sea. With the wind swinging into the NW, however locally or lightly, it was hard to resist - especially at this time of year - and I'm glad I cracked (best not to mention what I should've been doing).

The stand-out highlight was a cracking Cory's Shearwater ambling lazily north at 1820 in perfect light and practically in slow motion (indicative of this most laid back of seabirds); it even cruised within the same field of view of the aforementioned double rainbow at one point, leaving me wondering if my drink had been spiked.

Quality back-up was provided by five Sootys, 75 Manxies and four very entertaining Minkes. That'll do nicely.