Friday, February 21, 2014

A bucketful of Goshawks and another Black-throat

A morning free with local comrades Nick and Dan, and with sunny spells forecast (and time of year in mind), we headed, er, somewhere pleasant in the hope of Goshawk action. It didn't take long to clock the first one or two, and for the rest of our time in the area, we couldn't move for the beauties, variously chasing each other, displaying, soaring, hunting, and much of the time we'd multiple birds in the sky simultaneously. Amazingly, we estimated up to ten birds were involved - we'll be back for more (and better photos) soon, but for now, a real treat in a beautiful part of the world, with typically good company.

Other raptors included Sparrowhawks, plenty of Common Buzzards, and this Peregrine mugging a Kestrel.....

A quick look at Wykeham Lakes (a first visit for me) revealed plenty of birds, but most at a distance - except, that is, for this superbly accommodating Black-throated Diver, swanning around just in front of the viewing platform. No wonder this easily accessible, prime location turns up the goods, and with increased coverage, it'll only get better.