Friday, February 14, 2014

Homing closer, tiny dancers

With howling gales persisting but the sun suddenly shining, yesterday morning Amity and I made for a wonderfully deserted Brigg, via the beach and the bay corner. Halfway along the exposed promontory and with the wind smashing the incoming tide against seaweed-covered boulders, a party of Little Gulls - beautiful, dainty, ephemeral to a bird - came gradually closer inshore, dip-feeding in the surf and dancing delicately into the swell.

What else could we do but position ourselves on said boulders, grit our teeth against the elements and enjoy a sublime spectacle as the gulls came ever closer, completely ignoring our unthreatening presence. With sunlight, shaking hands and lens and splattering spray all working against decent photographs, the results are surprisingly passable given the circumstances.... but either way, yet another wonderful experience in the backyard.