Monday, May 22, 2017

Flamborough Temminck's

As discussed in the last couple of posts, this year has ushered in a cultural change to my birding patterns, with both new freedoms and new limitations on my time and movements. Being snowed under with various work means birding opportunities are at a premium this spring, with sessions stolen here and there whenever possible (again, no complaints - it's all bird-/wildlife-related, and it's all enjoyable); being in Flamborough three days a week, meanwhile, presents golden opportunities to bird there before and after work, and it's often easier to be close by (rather than a half hour drive away, as Filey is) when the clock is running down.

And it's been pretty productive so far. Self-finds have included Wood Warbler and Spoonbills within a stone's throw of the centre, successful local twitches have scored Siberian Stonechat and Serin, and fortunately for me I chose Thornwick pools for an early pre-work session on Saturday morning - just in time for this very smart Temminck's Stint to drop in right in front of me; and despite the regular attentions of a pair of LRPs, it persisted long enough for plenty of others to enjoy it over its two day stay.

I've been lucky with this species locally, finding the last two Filey records in 2012 & 2015 (the previous being as long ago as 2005 here), and I don't think they're a great deal more regular at Flamborough, either; and Thornwick Pools - a juicy, muddy testament to the hard work of Rich, John and others - is definitely now very much on my radar.