Monday, February 15, 2016


Creative activity here in our seaside retreat is pleasingly high presently, with a host of new Morning Bride songs in the development stage (some pretty much finished, others getting there with patience); we're on schedule to record our new album in the spring, with a release hopefully in the summer. We debuted a couple of them acoustically on a radio show a couple of weeks back, and we're also looking at playing live more in 2016, with shows on the calendar for spring and summer - all of which can be found via our Facebook page, which you can drop in on (and 'like' if you'd be so kind) right here.

Our back catalogue is now fully represented on our Bandcamp page, including both our first and second albums; after selling out long ago, it's the only place Lea Valley Delta Blues is now available (as a digital download), while The North Sea Rising is available as either a download or limited edition CD. You can visit the pages here and listen to the songs for free (before buying, of course...), or via the links below. Enjoy.