Friday, February 19, 2016

Friendly Fire

So our wintering Surf Scoter has just passed his two-month anniversary as a Filonian, allowing for plenty of interesting observations in the process - particularly re: interaction with other species.

He's displayed a benign curiosity - or even friendliness - towards various other bay dwellers, particularly over recent weeks, and has actively approached and shadowed no fewer than five other species - Common Scoter, Guillemot (both on multiple occasions), Long-tailed Duck, Great Crested Grebe and Goldeneye (see photos).

On each occasion, the Surfy has made considerable efforts to get close to the bird in question - it's a very big bay, where personal space is hardly a problem if you need it - and as might be expected, but for Common Scoters, his attentions have been afforded somewhat short thrift....

... on other occasions, it's been more about keeping your head down, with both Great Northern Diver (see photo) and Shag administering cautionary jabs, and a Cormorant apparently actively attacking from beneath, which caused the scoter to panic and fly across the bay, only to return a few hours later. Never a dull moment it seems, but with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of razorfish to trough, it's apparently worth all the drama.