Friday, September 2, 2011

Centennial Park, Sydney (pt. 2)

In no particular order, newbies included both Little Pied and Little Black Cormorants (alongside Great and Pied), pale-eyed, high-pitched Australian Ravens, like-nothing-else Magpie-larks and Willy Wagtails, rusty-headed Fairy Martins,

Grey Butcherbird (digesting a just-consumed lizard)

Black Swan and White Ibis - wild, native, elegant - and occupying the stinky Feral Pigeon niche with some skill throughout the park

snake-necked Australian Darters, both Superb and Variegated Fairy-wrens, bizarrely-antennaed Crested Pigeons (aptly re-named Unicorn Doves by Amity), Purple Swamp-hens, Aythya representing Hardheads,

Crested Pigeon


Pacific Black Duck

legitimately native (but still bread-scoffing) Black Swans, Dabchick-with-a-meaner-look Australasian Grebes, and arguably the pick of a high quality bunch, the truly other-worldly Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos.

Eurasian Coot (how we've missed 'em)

So the torrent of new and exotic species continued, and urban birding in Sydney proved as productive as promised; more time within the city limits later in the week produced more quality, but not before unforgettable excursions a little further afield.

(more photos from the park to follow)