Sunday, January 13, 2013

Filey, 1st - 12th January 2013

Alright, back to business. It's been a mild, damp January thus far here on the North Yorkshire coast, and while there's been little out of the ordinary, it's been a pleasant and gentle start to the year.

"I'm an Oystercatcher! No, you're Knot"

Landslides have accelerated over the last couple of weeks, with new slips most days

Wader numbers are low on the Brigg, and the bay is quiet, with just a handful of Great Crested Grebes and Red-throated Divers inshore. Still, that can change at any time, depending on the weather.....

Plenty of Guillemots (and Fulmars) are back on the cliffs of the Brigg, however temporarily

A common sight at the moment, Harbour Porpoises are semi-resident along the North Cliff and around the Brigg End

The stand-out highlight was the stunning Long-tailed Duck which graced the freshwater of the Dams for a short while last week; I can't remember getting such fantastic point-blank views of this species before, and a pristeen winter male to boot. Fantastic.

Long-tailed Tit, Dams

Feast your eyes