Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Filey vs The World - November (1)

Redwing, Dunlin

November here in Filey? Twite, Merlin, Waxwings and Woodcocks, plus impressive flocks of Pink-feet,  early in the month; another Merlin, Short-eared Owls, Long-tailed Ducks & Goldeneyes, mid-month; Hen Harrier, Black Guillemot (another), Red-necked Grebe, and several Great Northern Divers in the final week. No great shakes, but plenty of quality late autumn fare.

Kestrel, Waxwing

The previous November? Well, more extended adventures in Asia, and our seventh month straight on the road - Malaysia, then back into Thailand for another month or so - working our way up the peninsula, via the incredible raptor migration watchpoint of Khao Dinsor.....

More to follow from the previous November.....