Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Filey vs The World - September (1)

September here in Filey took a good while to hit its stride (despite best efforts and most days in the field), and seabirds were a saving grace for first three-quarters of the month - skuas and shearwaters again heading a rich and varied cast, which by then included an entertaining selection of waders, wildfowl, divers and more.

Greenish Warbler and Tree Pipit on Long Lane, Turtle Dove at the Dams

A rockpooling Kingfisher on the Brigg

But then all was not lost on the land, and by the third week, things took a turn for the better. Finding (another) Icterine and a fresh-in Yellow-brow within five metres and about fifteen minutes of each other on the 22nd was a pleasure; being beaten by a mystery skulker over three hours in heavy rain on 24th was ultimately far from it.

a scraggy Glaucous Gull in the sun, and a pristeen Wryneck in the rain

But the following day made up for it just fine. Within the same length of hedgerow, I was visited by (in no particular order) a Barred Warbler, a Red-breasted Fly, a Wryneck, and a Greenish Warbler (as well as multitudes of commoner migrants). East coast birding at its best, and a joy of a session. A few more Yellow-brows, a couple of Firecrests, and other bits and pieces before the month's end made for a much more productive final week overall.

Greenish Warbler, Red-breasted Flycatcher - that's more like it

September previously? Taiwan. Hold onto your hats.