Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tails of the Unexpected

Justifiably upsetting the greatest hits series, this cripplingly beautiful adult male Long-tailed Duck seems like the best possible reason to do so. Following a late night (which included playing at and enjoying the fellow freaks of the Filey Folk Club - another time), I was woken by a text this morning (thanks Ian) - 'LTD Dams'.

Not a common bird in any situation, a Long-tailed Duck at the Dams - our small but perfectly formed local wetland - was well worth the five minute cycle, even if, as assumed, it turned out to be a scruffy immature.

Locking up the bike, I was told it'd just flown. Inkeeping with a new year's resolution to be appreciably more zen about such things, I wandered over to the other (East) hide anyway, and wonderfully, there it was - a stunning adult male, just metres from the hide.... and unlike every other duck on the pool, it chose to swim closer and closer.

It may not be an uber-rare, but as an early contender for bird of the month, it's got a very good shot. And as a timely reminder as to why it's worth getting out there despite the time of year and unpromising conditions, it couldn't get much better.