Saturday, January 26, 2013

In London, you're never more than six feet away from a Bearded Tit

Back in the smoke on a brief jolly and having followed the exploits of these two ultra-confiding and entertaining female Bearded Tits online since they appeared, absurdly, over a month ago in the middle of Hyde Park, I had to drop in and say hello, and was very glad I did. Amazingly, they remain faithful to the crappiest little reedbed imaginable (by the Diana memorial), oblivious to (or more likely unfazed by) the constant noise and disturbance surrounding them.

The 'reed-bed'

I was minus fancy lens and bins - kit lens and pocket bins were my Fisher Price weapons of choice - but as I'd hoped, it mattered not; the birds are so ridiculously close, it's well worth visiting them without any additional magnification. Half the birder's blogs in England have devoted many trillions of megapixels to these most photogenic and willing targets recently, and so for pretty pictures, see e.g. Dominic's here, or Jonno's here. But if you've got ten minutes to kill en route to the museums, they come very highly recommended.