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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Filey, 1st - 15th June 2012

Sand Martin

As implied by the lack of posts of late, the first half of June has been predictably somewhat lean for notable records; and as intended, during such lean periods these dispatches will go fortnightly to avoid filler-style boredom. After a decent run of scarcities in late May, the shutters came crashing down on migration activity at the beginning of the new month, and have remained closed since; however, the summertime blues are likely to be pleasingly brief, with the range of habitats accessible here providing a choice of options over the coming weeks.

Meadow Pipit

While passerines are unlikely to figure again until autumn migration commences in August (with the flogging of hedgerows and scrub providing ever-diminishing returns), there is the bay, the sea, and the Dams in the meantime, all of which will hopefully steadily come into their own as the weeks pass.

So, never a better time to be distracted by the necessities of gainful employment, especially when said employment involves monitoring the bay and its birdlife, which unsurprisingly has been the source of the few highlights so far this month.

A Bonxie, a single Knot and two Common Sandpipers were on the brigg on the 1st, but beyond then, the roll-call has been reasonably stable - a few Red-throated Divers, Common Scoters, Eiders, Sandwich Terns and Great Crested Grebes are all often present amongst the masses of locally-breeding seabirds.

Barn Owl

More recent highlights include a summer-plumage Great Northern Diver on the morning of the 12th, and a fresh-in Hobby later on the same day, which after a couple of unsuccessful shots at the nearby Sand Martin colony, proceeded to head directly out to sea, disappearing from the 'scope somewhere north of Flamborough.

Roe Deer

With the worst due to be over soon, for now it's a case of riding out the next few weeks and hoping for the occasional highlight in the meantime until possibilities increase during July.

Tree Sparrow adult and recently fledged juvenile