Champions of the Flyway!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Aiming high, digging deep

So, we're only a few weeks away from race day out there in the shimmering Negev, and it's time to start twisting a few arms and calling in a few favours.... If you're not yet familiar with the Champions of the Flyway and our team's attempts to raise £3000 (as part of an amazing effort involving many other teams and many lovely people fighting for the same cause), then have a quick look at the background info here, and then have a look at Mike's write-up on Birdguides re:our team over here.

If you can't be arsed to read the background information, well I'm prepared to forgive you, but only if you trust me when I say it's a wonderful cause that combats the mass killing of migratory birds by direct action, education and on-the-ground community efforts - and only if you head to the link below and donate whatever you can (it only takes a few seconds). Thanks a million in advance, we really appreciate it :-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February Blues

It's windy as hell up here on the North Yorkshire coast right now, and with plenty of Fulmars prospecting the ledges and rafting on the sea, a session at Gristhorpe Bay (the highest and most northerly point within our recording area) seemed like a good idea. As hoped, they were doing their beautiful, effortless hang-gliding thing below and alongside me, which was easily good enough as you might imagine; but then it got better still, when this subtly smoky Blue briefly swung by, said hi and buggered off out to sea.

As a scarce, often hard-won passage seabird, Blue Fulmars are always a pleasure to see, but rarely do I get the opportunity to fill the frame and look one in the eye; kind of the opposite of February blues, then. Below is a 'regular' bird, taken from the same spot a few seconds later, for comparison.

Monday, February 6, 2017

This Wheelie's on Fire

Sanderling is a lovely name, but then 'Wheelie-bird' or 'Wheelie' is almost impossible to disassociate once it's been put in your head (thanks to Amity many years ago). Take your pick, but what a wonderful species, in every respect.