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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting better - Filey, 15th May 2013

Pied Flycatcher, Church Ravine

South-easterlies, overcast skies, frequent showers, mid-May.... at last a forecast to relish, and so pretty much a full day in the field, from the murk of post-dawn to the sunshine of late evening.

Numerous fine-tooth combings of all available cover in the northern area (including Long Lane, Top Scrub, Long and Short Hedges, Arndale and the Tip multiple times) teased without ever truly providing; a sprinkle of fresh-in Pied Flys, Common Redstarts, Spot Flys and common warblers (especially Lesser Whitethroats) were very welcome and provided the impetus to keep going, but the hoped-for special one failed to materialise.

Spotted Flycatcher, Church Ravine

No matter, it seems all sites to the south of us (inc. Flamborough and Spurn) were equally frustrated, while those from Scarborough north to Teeside were well-served with seasonal scarcities; such arrivals are often accordingly localised, and it was a pleasure just to see a few quality migrants. And there's still time on the clock before the spring ebbs away.....

Male Common Redstart, Long Lane

Lesser Whitethroat, Tip

Pied Flycatcher, Long Lane