Champions of the Flyway!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A few jars of a Saturday night

A lazy day rounded off perfectly by a drive into the forest in search of Nightjars, with Rich, Gaynor, Dan and Ammie. Pitching up on a track in a likely area, we were soon surrounded by a minimum of five churring males, a couple of which treated us to close-up, multiple fly-bys. As if that weren't enough, one swooped onto a young conifer and perched in clear view for long enough not to just to fill the field of view, but to even allow an attempt at a few photos.

They also provided a second opportunity to test drive the new toy, the highly recommended Olympus LS-11 sound recorder (this after arriving in the mail the evening before the Marsh Warbler a few days ago - what timing...), and what a beautiful, eerie sound. Hard to believe such otherworldly wonders are only half an hour from where we live.

We also stumbled across a Common Redstart nest site nearby....