Champions of the Flyway!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Good morning

Concrete proof that Grey Phalaropes have legs
Well, not half bad at least. The strong southerly airflow continues, making for dramatic seas and interestingly blustery viewing conditions; expectations weren't especially high for this morning, but a three-and-a-half hour seawatch produced five Little Auks and 24 Little Gulls south, two each of Grey Plover and Dark-bellied Brent Goose, and most notably, a Grey Phalarope. Alighting briefly on the natural pavement at the base of the Brigg - conveniently just as I'd nipped out to use the lack of facilities (otherwise it would've gone unseen) - out of maybe seven or eight individuals I've come across here since arriving a couple of years ago, it's the first I've seen stretching its legs.

Little Auks, going the wrong way again
Pretty much the extent of this morning's duck movements - Teal, Wigeon and Mallard in one happy family
A Dark-bellied Brent just avoiding the plughole
A new arrival on the cliff slope (during about ten seconds of sunshine)
*I'm clearly so spoiled these days that I forgot to mention the six Snow buntings, four Twite and Jack Snipe on Carr Naze on the way back.