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Saturday, May 7, 2016

April shower

Yellow Wagtail, East Lea
As in, a somewhat random selection from last month. Not the most inspiring of Aprils for oddities or major incidents, but it's always a month of uplifting incomers from distant climes, from hirundines to Yellow Wags and waves of warblers.

Blue-headed Wagtail, East Lea
As usual I split my time between the Brigg and the sea, the vismig point at Muston Sands, the wetland sites of the Dams and East Lea, and the northern coastal area. The first option barely registered a pulse but for a trickle of waders as the month wore on, and vismigging was fairly uninspiring - although it at least kept my eye in and there were modest surges of common migrants to enjoy (and a bonus Woodlark mid-month). Not a great deal to report from the wetlands either - although the office (i.e. East Lea) once again paid out beautifully regarding Yellow Wagtails.

Goldcrest, Top Scrub
After providing me with Spanish and two Grey-headeds last spring, it pulled in two cracking Blue-headed flavas on 15th (one with a little flavissima influence - see above) - what next? I'll keep you posted.....

Shelduck, Dams
Otherwise, there's been plenty to enjoy on top of the aforementioned waves of commoner new arrivals, including a couple of very handsome male Redstarts (hard to catch up with here in the spring) at Muston Sands and the Dams respectively, a couple of Black Reds, a few Marsh Harriers and an Osprey (see last post), an Egyptian Goose (yes I know, but they're less than annual....), a couple of LRPs, and last but by no means least, a certain American seaduck, present throughout in his favoured spot off the Brigg.

Chiffchaff, Top Scrub
Wheatears, Rocket Pole Field
Fresh-in Chiffy on Carr Naze
Black Redstart, Carr Naze
Willow Warbler, Dams
Goldcrest, East Lea
Redstart, Muston Sands