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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Guiding at Spurn, Oct '21 (in pictures)

Redwings - they came, we saw, they conquered (us)

We're just back from a wonderful five days at the mighty Spurn Bird Observatory, where we (Rich and I) had the pleasure of guiding pretty much dusk 'til dawn - Rich with our five-day group, and I with a different team of clients every day on our new Spurn Migration Discovery Days.
Whooper Swans - possibly my favourite of all late autumn east coast migrants

Naturally, it's all about the clients and their enjoyment of the birds, and so the camera stays in the bag or the background; hence, a justifiably lean memory card from the week - but it was at hand for a selection of often random moments, some of which are shown here.
Little Egret transmitting the right messages

From a rarity perspective, the Two-barred (Greenish) Warbler (below) was naturally the pick, and continued our seemingly unstoppable run of either finding or jamming in on rarities this autumn; from a migration memories and general highlights perspective, however, it would struggle to make the top ten. Spurn in late autumn always provides, and every day was different - giving unique experiences for my daily clients, and keeping it constantly entertaining for me.
Two-barred Warbler - nice

Too many great experiences to describe here, at least if I want to actually get this post published before it gets lost in the mix.... but I do want to say how great Spurn is, and in particular, the people there - singling out the wonderful messrs Fisk and Collins for their sterling efforts and generally lovely dispositions, as ever. We're back for a week (lots of work elsewhere) and then we return to Spurn for a repeat performance the week after, in early November - can't wait!
More Whoopers - but never enough
Little Gull on Kilnsea Wetlands
Fresh-in Ring Ouzel on the listening dish
Shoveler, Black-tailed Godwit, and masses of Pink-footed Geese on Kilnsea Wetlands
ChiloƩ Wigeon, with Eurasian Wigeons on Kilnsea Wetlands - it may have cruelly got the blood pumping fast on first glance, but at least its living its best life after escaping some depressing collection
Incoming Whoopers over the North Sea - photobombed by the, er, North Sea
Peregrine - trouble on the estuary
More Redwings? Yes please...