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Monday, August 14, 2023

Isle of Mull, July '23 - Coll pelagic

After the first date for our booked pelagic - out of Tobermory to Coll and back - was cancelled due to (very) unsuitable conditions, we were happy to see our rescheduled trip falling on the calmest day of our week on Mull.
We had a very fun three hours moseying out into reasonably calm inner Hebridean waters, with highlights (in no particular order) including great views of European Storm-petrels, the famoue White-tailed Eagle pair close up on the cliffs, a bonus Golden Eagle, and several co-operative Minke Whales....
.... but the outstanding highlight were the huge, seemingly endless rafts of Manx Shearwaters all around us when we reach the northern tip of Coll. we'd never seen so many and the spectacle was a joy to drink in. We estimated 10,000, but there could easily have been many more involved.
Great times with the Mrs and Pearson Snr!
White-tailed Eagle pair