Champions of the Flyway!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Anticyclone Emptiness

Sustained high pressure and easterlies do not sadly maketh the autumn, and it's been mighty hard work over recent days. The odd lingering Yellow-brow here, a few continental Song Thrushes there, but tree-bending winds and a lack of precipitation have so far wholly nullified what on paper looks like a tasty chart.

Juv intermediate-morph Arctic Skua, 29th

Still, there's always the camera to play with and there's always something to aim it at. The Skua (above) cruised past us at head height while we walked the clifftop, and the Sparrowhawk (below) appeared to come in off the sea the other morning, circling Carr Naze before heading south.

Sparrowhawk, Carr Naze

Peregrine over the country park