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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Reading festival

It's been far too long since I shamelessly plugged other activities here, so time to redress the balance...

I've uploaded a batch of recently-published pieces onto the wordpress site, including the latest in my series for Birdguides about birding in Filey through the year. The latest article focuses on the winter months, and can be read here (with part two to follow soon):

Postcards from the edge: Winter in Filey, part one

I was recently asked by Birding Frontiers to write a review of the much-anticipated Rare Birds of North America for the excellent BF website:

Book review: Rare Birds of North America

Busy times with Yorkshire's #1 eco-tourism company Yorkshire Coast Nature - as well as co-leading tours and writing the monthly bird sightings round-ups, I've recently written a short series entitled Yorkshire coast icons for the YCN website, re-published here:

I was asked to contribute the birds sections for the excellent Lost In London book a while ago, a taster of which is re-published here:

London's Herons

I continue to run the Filey Bird Observatory website, updating it daily and editing various new articles as and when. If you haven't bookmarked it yet, then here's your chance:

Filey Bird Observatory website

.... and I finally took the plunge and joined Twitter. Follow me at @Fileybirder here

Fileybirder on Twitter

Beware, more plugging to follow soon, but not before I've found a few more birds to talk about....