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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mass, USA - June 2015 (part one)

Ruby-throated Hummingbird - always a joy, often ambivalent and sometimes happy to feed within touching distance
Eastern Bluebird - a regular at the feeders
Fresh off the plane after a hugely enjoyable fortnight with my American family in rural western Massachusetts. The trip was happily all about the family, and revolved around the wedding of brother Ned and sister Anna (technically in-laws, but that frankly undersells them both); hence, birding opportunities largely consisted of leisurely little-and-often scouts around the garden, and occasional sessions at favoured spots within walking distance of the homestead.

Male Cardinal (and American Goldfinch)
Habitat-wise, it was all about woodland, and while the time of year and density of foliage limited the number of species on show, there was of course plenty to enjoy. More to follow over the coming days, including plenty of warblers, when I get the chance to edit more photos; for now, a few colourful garden regulars to get the ball rolling.

Grey Catbird - omnipresent, tame and breeding in the garden (hence mouthful of babyfood)
Cedar Waxwing - perhaps the most abundant species locally, and also breeding in the garden