Champions of the Flyway!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Red-backed Shrike, Filey - July 2017

A few hours off this morning and after checking the Dams and East Lea (quiet, but it'll come) and driving the Mrs to work I thought I'd check the pines at the top of Long Lane (for what, I couldn't say, at least not without jynxing them). A quick scan over the field towards towards Long Hedge, and voilĂ  - ten seconds of extremely early autumn scarcity returns in the shape of a Red-backed Shrike.

Just as quickly, it disappeared into the hedge, unfortunately refusing to co-operate again (although in wind and rain, who could blame it). After what can best be described as fitful birding here in the Filey area this year, a quality bird this early in the new season is very much appreciated.