Champions of the Flyway!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

More Filey Bottlenose Action

A little more time to sift through photos of yesterday's memorable Bottlenose Dolphin experience here at Filey, and a chance to post all potentially identifiable dorsal fins in one post. I took as many records shots as possible so that, theoretically, we can ID at least a few of them by matching them with known individuals on existing databases, and we already know that the one with the silvery outline to her dorsal is Guinness (-r 009) from the Moray Firth population, and is over twenty years old.

There's plenty of other interesting evidence to ponder, including the number and age of youngsters, the Harbour Porpoise-like dorsal of the individaul above (far right), the paleness of the one the below, the size of the one at the foot of this post - all illustrating how amazingly variable this species is in appearance. More to follow when I get the details.... click on images to enlarge.