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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Twelve Grey Bottlenose, Hangin' In The Bay

A quick one from this afternoon's seawatch on Carr Naze, Filey. As always at this time of year it's as much about cetaceans as it is birds, and after a quiet first hour I picked up a pod of playful, entertaining and long-staying Bottlenose Dolphins in the bay over towards Bempton - perfect timing for the Seawatch Foundation's Whale and Dolphin Week, and SF Robin and I had the pleasure of showing dozens of people the spectacle unfolding offshore.

Over the course of an hour or more, the various sub-pods meandered around the bay, coming closer and eventually rounding the Brigg and heading North. Lots more photos (of various distinctive dorsal fins - ID'ing should be fun!) to sift through, but all in good time.....

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