Champions of the Flyway!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Flamborough, 6th March 2020

A mostly sunny morning in Flamborough with a couple of hours spare, and a very satisfying selection to enjoy. I started at North Landing, where a (very skulking) Richard's Pipit put in a couple of vocal fly-bys - with a bonus pair of wandering Red Kites - before heading for the south side of the head.

Five Snow Buntings fed quietly in a ploughed field along South Cliff, with another male flying over and heading north-east; after the pleasure of their close company for a good while, I headed west and then onto the beach at South Landing.

Well, less beach, more ever-narrowing tide wrack, perfect for tracking down Scandinavian Rock Pipits. After one at Filey a couple of days ago that didn't play ball (and a short window of opportunity for enjoying them before they head off over the North Sea), the sunshine, lack of disturbance and easy targets of two on the decaying seaweed was a breeze, and completed a tasty couple of hours back in the old manor.