Thursday, January 21, 2021

Quatermass And The Pinks

A day of rapidly changing skies and bone-chilling winds on the bans of the Humber today; not that I'm complaining, in fact, far from it. Not only does it give us the (much-appreciated) opportunity to work in bird-filled locations in these unsure times, but it also gives me opportunity to indulge my weakness for photographing birds against bleak, industrial backdrops.
Any shots I get are of course opportunistic, but today was ideal - sudden windows of sunshine illuminating Pink-footed Geese, Curlews and other iconic wintering species, often against not only apocalyptic, human-made settings but also brooding cloudbanks as they passed over the estuary.
Pink-feet were indeed the stars of the show (with several hundred in the area), but a single adult Russian White-fronted Goose (below - full frame and then crop) made systematic checks of an always partially-hidden main flock worthwhile.....
More accommodating Pinks
....while this extremely tame female Stonechat kept me company at one vantage point.....
... and Curlews staged close fly-bys at another.